Real Estate Research

Invest Up brings to the users one of the best guides on the US real estate market. We help consumers determine when to buy and when to sell their houses. Our in-depth research covers all 50 states, DC, and the 300 largest metropolitan areas in the US.

Our real estate research team regards the law of supply and demand as the foundation in our approaches to the analysis of housing market trends. We analyze the relationship between the evolution of housing prices and macroeconomic drivers, a relationship that we verify and use to develop real estate market views. It is a method of study that allows us to predict price actions and market trends by evaluating housing demand, construction and inventory levels, regional economics, mortgage rates, lending standards, monetary and fiscal policies, and demographic factors.

The Invest Up Housing Price Indicators are designed to be one of the most timely housing price gauges available in the market. Our propriety methodology removes the delays (typically by a quarter) associated with other housing series. This allows our indicators to lead the housing indices from other sources by more than three months and the government indices by five months, giving our users a significant advantage in obtaining timely price information to enter and exit the real estate market ahead of other home buyers and real-estate investors.

We also publish advanced analyses on the local restate markets on our Youtube channel.